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Thank you for choosing to stay with Otway Retreats!

We have out together some basic information for your stay. If you would like detailed information regarding the property you are staying in please use the link to the guest guide that was included in your booking confirmation email.

We hope you enjoy your stay please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any help!



The Best Coffee

ICARO CAFE: We recommend Icaro Cafe for the best coffee and breakfast in town, they serve St ALi organic coffee, a range of delicious wholefoods, smoothies, and medicinal lattes. A local favourite that doesn't disappoint. Website:

Restaurant Recommendations

CASALINGO: Fresh pasta and authentic Italian Cuisine. Located in the heart of beautiful Apollo Bay, Casalingo serves up delicious, heartwarming meals steeped in Italian tradition. Website:

GRAZE: enjoy an evolving modern Australian menu using seasonal produce. Fully licensed with a focus on regional wines, beers, liqueurs and spirits. Website:

CHRIS' BEACON POINT: Overlooking Bass Strait, set high in the Otways above the Great Ocean Road, Chris's Beacon Point Restaurant is well known to gourmet travelers. Website:

THE PERCH: Located in Lavers Hill, and the perfect spot to stop for lunch or dinner during your adventures to explore the redwoods or beautiful waterfalls. The Perch always offer amazing meals crafted from locally sourced seasonal produce. Website:

Things to do in Apollo Bay

FISH AND CHIPS AT THE HARBOUR: A stay in apollo bay wouldn't be complete without fish and chips from the co-op overlooking the working harbor, kids love seeing the boats, so this is a great activity for families to do, afterwards, take a stroll around and if you are lucky you might see the cray boats or fisherman pull in and unload their catch.

DOOLEYS ICE CREAM: Dooleys have some of the best ice cream ever, with walls adorned with awards, it is a favorite stop for children and the big kids at heart.

LOCAL SEAFOOD: the Co-Op is located on Pascoe Street, and offers a range of fresh local seafood if you fancy taking something home and cooking up a feast. The other attraction that is much loves by locals is Tim the adventure fisherman that often sells fish fresh off the boat early mornings on weekends at the harbor over peak seasons. Reach out if you are interested in this and we can see if he will be around during your stay.

Top Nature Picks

THE REDWOODS: the most majestic trees, the Californian redwoods are a popular place to get some stunning photographs and explore. Located in Beech Forest. We recommend heading here for a day trip, and then heading to one of the nearby waterfalls (Beauchamp falls, or Hopetoun Falls) to explore the rainforest and get immersed in nature. If you are hungry on the way back, stop in at the Perch in Lavers Hill - the food there is divine!

MAITS REST: Maits rest is located on the Great Ocean Road between Marengo and Hordern Vale and offers a fully accessible and easy loop track, perfect for prams, and even wheelchairs. During this walk you get to see old growth trees and forest, it really is spectacular. On the way back stop in at Wildlife Wonders where you can do a wildlife tour, or just have a coffee and bite to eat, they have a great giftshop with a selection of nature books of the region, resident emu's that the kids might spot through the windows and a kids activity corner.

Supporting Local Artists

TERRA CRAFT: A local craft shop opposite the information centre stocking art supplies, handmade gifts and ethical clothing, they are usually offering weekend art workshops for kids and paint and sip classes for adults. Perfect for rainy days or for stocking up on goodies to keep the kids busy. Website:



The Apollo Bay pharmacy is located at 121-123 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay open 9.00am to 5.00pm weekdays and Saturday 9.00am to 2.00pm.

- Apollo Bay has a hospital called Otway Health, it is located at 75 McLaughlin Street, Apollo Bay. Phone (03) 5237 8500 and is open 24 hours.

- Apollo Bay General Practice is located at Otway Health (75 Mclaughlin St) and is open 9.00am to 5.30pm weekdays and is usually closed on weekends. However, they do open on weekends during Summer and busy periods. To book please call (03) 5237 6844.

Emergency Services

- For emergencies (police/ambulance/fire) please call 000.

- Trees down / weather events - Cal the SES 132 500.

- Power emergencies (no power / report fault) call powercor 13 22 06.

- Car breakdowns and emergency roadside assistance call RACV on 13 11 11.




No Power / Electricity

If the power goes out during your stay, please check the following;

SAFETY SWITCHES: are they all in the on position? If there is one in the off position please flick it back on and see if that fixes the problem. The safety switches are in the garage.

BLACKOUT: If the outage is due to a blackout you will need to wait for the power company to fix the problem before power is restored.

To check if it is an outage for the area and to find out when to expect power to be restored or to report a fault call powercor on 13 22 06 or check the powercor website here:

No Hot Water

If you have arrived and the hot water isn’t working, please check the safety switch board and ensure the main power to the hot water unit is switched on.

If you have had hot water and it is no longer working it could be due to over use, if too many people have had showers etc you may need to wait a few hours for it to heat back up again, usually this happens overnight.

The other cause of hot water running out (if it is a gas HWS) is that the gas bottle needs changing - please continue to read below for information.

Lost Keys

In the unfortunate event that you lose the keys or lock yourselves out of the property please contact our office for assistance. Please note that if you do lose the keys the cost of having them replaced will be charged to you.

A call out fee of $88.00 may apply if a visit to the property is required to let you back in plus any additional costs or fees incurred to third party contractors such as locksmiths.

No Gas to BBQ

If you notice no gas for the BBQ then it is likely the gas bottle is empty and needs changing over;

BBQ GAS: If you notice the BBQ has bottle has become empty we should have a full spare onsite for you to swap without any hassles. Please ensure you let us know if you had to do this upon your departure so we can order a refill. If you need an urgent replacement due to both becoming empty or not being able to locate the spare, please call our office as we will assist in making arrangements for a replacement bottle. You can otherwise just take the empty to the Ampol Service Station or Apollo Bay Gas & Electrical and send us the receipt (usually $38) and we can arrange to reimburse you.

No Gas to Cooktop / Hot Water / Heating

Many properties in the area do not run off mains gas and rely on the use of gas bottles to supply gas to the property, the appliances that can be impacted if these run out are usually the following: gas cooktops, gas hot water services and gas heaters. If you notice one or all of these appliances have failed to work it is likely that the gas bottles need changing over, most properties have two bottles, one that is in use and a reserve bottle that should be full and can be switched on to rectify the issue.

To turn on the new gas bottle you will need to locate the gas bottles outside the property, they are usually located outside against an exterior wall to the house.

You can usually tell by lightly shaking the bottles as one will feel obviously heavier than the other, if this is the case, the lighter bottle is likely empty.

OPENING NEW BOTTLE: There is a regulator dial which usually points to the gas bottle in use, please locate this dial and turn it to face the new bottle. Once you have done this, you need to open the top of the gas bottle by twisting it open.

CLOSING THE OLD BOTTLE: Once you have opened the new bottle, you need to twist closed the top of the old bottle.

Video with Instructions on how to do this:

Please ensure you notify our office if you have changed over the gas bottle as it is important that we arrange for the empty bottle to be refilled so that future guests don’t end up with both being empty!



Bins & Rubbish

Please take all your rubbish outside to the exterior bins. Rubbish collection happens every Monday morning. If your stay falls on a weekend it would be greatly appreciated if you could please put all the bins out on Sunday.


Bins: YELLOW is for recycling, PURPLE is for glass only (no lids), GREEN is for food waste and RED is for general waste. If you have excess rubbish, please drop it off at the Apollo Bay tip off Montrose Avenue. Thanks so much for helping us keep things clean and green by separating your rubbish.



  • Any appliances that have been used are turned on and returned to their original places.

  • All dishes used are cleaned and put away.

  • The fridge and freezer have been emptied and no food has been left behind

  • All rubbish has been taken to the exterior bins

  • If the BBQ was used during your stay, please ensure the gas is OFF and you have wiped down the BBQ using the tools provided.



  • Beds can be left made – our cleaners will strip and re-make the beds after your departure.

  • Please leave used towels on the bathroom floor.

  • Restore any furnishings, throws, and decor to their original places.

  • Ensure no rubbish has been left around the property.

  • Ensure no personal items have been left around the home

  • Turn off all heating/AC units and electrical devices.

  • Please turn all the lights OFF

  • If you noticed any malfunctioning items during your stay please contact us so we can have these repaired

  • If accidental damage was caused, we appreciate you letting us know promptly


Locking Up

  • Ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked.

  • Please leave the keys in the lockbox and scramble the numbers once you leave.

  • Please close any external gates on your departure.

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