Want to learn about how to ID Fungi or which ones you can safely eat? SOLN is excited to offer Alison Pouliot's famous workshops again in 2022

Fungus Discovery Workshop - Friday April 29th 10am-4pm

Fungi delight, intrigue and provide the connective network of terrestrial ecosystems. The forests of the Southern Otways harbour some of the most diverse and bizarre fungi in the country.

This workshop introduces participants to the diversity, ecology and curiosities of the Kingdom Fungi, specific to fungi found in the Otways region but also within wider Australian and global contexts.

It will include an interactive session on the basics of fungus identification where participants will get to handle, examine and identify various fungi. Participants will also learn to recognise the various diagnostic characteristics used to identify fungi in the field. Fungi will be explored in regard to their ecology and conservation as well as cultural aspects such as edibility and toxicity.

We will then partake in an exciting foray through various local ecosystems to search for species of interest. Participants will be provided with supplementary notes and are encouraged to bring along specimens to identify.

Location: Apollo Bay Community Hall (4 Whelan Street, Apollo Bay)