Lauren Shipley

Holiday Home Manager

0499 823 272

Lauren Shipley brings with her decades of experience to her role has Holiday Home Manager at Otway Retreats. She has worked across many aspects of real estate from managing and renovating resorts and caravan parks to finance and retail management. This extensive experience equips Lauren perfectly to understand the complexities, changes and challenges in holiday home management legislation and regulation. Excelling in the soft skills of conflict resolution, problem solving and articulating an issue clearly and compassionately, Lauren is very knowledgeable about building and maintenance issues. Recognised for her organisational skills, dedication, loyalty, and outstanding customer service, Lauren is a highly regarded member of the Otway Retreats team.

Lauren enjoys travel, having spent time in over 20 countries she enjoys down time caravanning and exploring the outdoors with her family and connecting with nature. Lauren is also very creative and enjoys making and crafting gifts for her treasured friends and family. Her understanding of the importance of trust, responsibility and discretion make Lauren a genuine joy with whom to work. She values the importance of family and friends and treats her clients as such.