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Tina Tuominiemi

Senior Holiday Home Manager

0498 010 486

Tina brings a vibrant blend of expertise and passion to Otway Retreats, enriched by her diverse professional journey. With foundational experiences in Property Styling and various industries, she provides a broad spectrum of skills. A significant chapter of Tina's career was spent as an Operations Manager, where she orchestrated the transformation of properties, prepping them for sale. This role sharpened her eye for detail and emphasized the significance of aesthetics, ensuring that each property resonated with potential buyers.

Her deep connection to the Otways transcends the professional realm—it's heartfelt, with affiliations tracing back to the early 1970s. This genuine love for the region manifests in every project she undertakes.

Having owned and managed a thriving Airbnb property in Forrest, Tina's hands-on approach has given her invaluable insights into the vacation rental sector. This isn't mere knowledge—it's lived experience, providing her an intimate understanding of what it takes to run a successful Airbnb.

Outside her bustling professional life, Tina has a passion for photography—a medium she uses to capture the beauty of the landscapes she loves. She also enjoys long walks with her dogs, a testament to her love for nature and exploration.

With her multifaceted background, relentless dedication to the Otways, and a commendable track record in both property styling and management, Tina emerges as a vital pillar of Otway Retreats. Her ethos is rooted in creating indelible guest experiences, honing property operations, and championing business growth, encapsulating the essence of excellence in holiday property management.

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