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Every Wednesday with Landcare

The Shrub Club was created to build a community of beginner and experienced volunteers who can collect and propagate plants native to the southern Otway region. It is run by a group of volunteers who meet at 9am every Wednesday at the SOLN support centre down Piggery Lane (off 125 Montrose Ave).

It is a beautiful way to connect with the locals, volunteer and learn a lot about the natives that grow in the area. Some weeks they propagate indigenous plants other weeks they embark on guided walks by some of our highly knowledgeable volunteers, such as Otway Herbs’ Ken Forrester and native grass guru Ian Clarke, collecting native seed for the nursery as they go.

Seedlings are grown for volunteers’ use, sold to the local community to raise money for nursery overheads, SOLN projects and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to exotic garden plants or used in large scale revegetation projects on Landcare properties.

Everyone is welcome.

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